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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogging Tip: Want a Better Blog? Be a Grasshopper.

Blogging Tip: Want a Better Blog? Be a Grasshopper.

Bug carvings, and Tobias face jug

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I've got to post some of Bug's carvings. These are carved from found wood that beavers were snacking on. He's very talented and will put me in a headlock when he finds out his stuff is there for the world to see!
The devil is a Tobias face jug that has a face only I can love.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Pyrex Collection

This is my Pyrex Collection so far, started with all compliments for the nesting bowls to my Hub's grandmother Rizzo.  Wish I could have met her, sounds like she was a wonderful woman we could all aspire to.  Turns out the blue casserole dish is the "Saxony" pattern, was promotional pattern. I could do a backflip.  I found another lid to go with it for 1.00 at the Salvation Army Store.

 The guacamole dip set was found at auction, and the hot pepper found at Goodwill for 1.50!

I love love love these sundial tureens and the silver plated ceramic bowl with floral design lid.  All came from yard sales, Goodwill, and auction!