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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Instant Relatives

I like these kind of instant relatives you find at auction. They are silent and agree with all you say. But they also seem to watch you. That's why ours live in a box until they take a ride to where ever there new home is.

These are popular on eBay for the vintage frames.
They are also a b to package! Thanks to my wonderful Bug for all you do. He is a master box maker.

eBay at Christmas; I May Lose My Mind

Thankfully, eBay is crazy around the holidays. I may be nuts by January or blind from staring at a computer all day long. I sit at work and worry about eBay, I have a back and neck ache, I know what the real meaning of death by 1000 paper cuts means now. In my case it's death by tape gun. They do bite!
I have been a very bad blogger as of late. Too busy all the time. The Pyrex collection is huge. All of it won't fit in the cabinet. But I still want it all. In this area at auction it's going really high, most of the time more than its really worth.