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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where does time go?

Can you buy time on Craigslist or Ebay? With all the Ebay action going on lately I'm tired. Like don't wanna go to the Goodwill tired. That's bad. I had one customer last week that wasn't happy with the shade of brown on the purse she bought. They thought it was a shade of olive green, but we always ask customers to ASK QUESTIONS! I don't know how you get from light brown to olive green, but I guess it grew some moss on it between the time I shipped it and when they got it.
I guess that was enough to break me down last week. I'd had two brain scientists for customers and that was enough.
But the good news is it's almost spring. That means more yard sales and auctions. We've set up mini-greenhouses in those plastic rotisserie chicken containers you get from the grocery store. This morning I saw sprouts through the plastic tops. That might sound gross, but wash them, and they are great mini-greenhouses. I hate throwing those things away because it's just so wasteful.
Just put some dirt in bottom, add seed, water, put the lid back on, poke about 10 small holes in the top, and wait. Great kids project. So far I've got different types of herbs and a some giant zinnias going on. I think the cat thought he had new litter boxes on the porch, until I put lids on.
Other great news; the chicken mansion is complete, and my girls are happy. I'm contemplating a rooster now...
This weekend I've really got to suck it up because there is a new bi-annual flea/antique market starting in our area, and I'm going to take a load there to see how I do.
Check out the new Pyrex finds and the awesome distressed leather living room set we got for cheap!