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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Funny, but I just realized it's been two years since I have posted to this blog.  I guess I'd been in a bit of a funk with a lot of in-law problems and wasn't feeling very cheerful about life.  I was in a very bad movie with even worse actors.
In a funny twist of fate, God decided to bless us with a beautiful little girl last July.  Now I'm a stay at home mom, at the ripe old age of 39.  With about 45 chickens, a ewe sheep, three large dogs, and a cat.
I waited a very long time to have a child.  We decided to just see if it would happen, and it did.   That was one of the best times of my life, especially after the bomb going off with the in-lords (husband coined that term).  Then guess what, more in-lords showed up, and I started my battle with postpartum depression.  There, I said it.
With all the new people around to take care of, the animals, a garden, home, breast feeding issues, I found myself just going deeper and deeper.  Your husband can't understand why you're not happy when he's taking care of you.  I'm not a fan of pharmaceuticals, but I had to get help.   I felt ashamed with my Bible belt upbringing I couldn't just pray it away, and try everything but what's going to start helping make it go away.
Some hard to face facts about having a baby I wasn't prepared for:

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Being at home all the time
  3. Loss of freedom
  4. Flabbiness and your family's ability to point it out after only 6 weeks of having the baby.
  5. Breastfeeding hurt like a mother!
I'm not trying to scare anyone, but they're a reality.  And all the reading I'd done couldn't prepare me for the fact all babies are individuals, they don't come with a book.  I wish some people would have prepared me a little, but they will tell you later they didn't want to scare you.
I guess I need to write these things down for myself, and maybe it will even help my daughter one day to know to speak up for herself.  I'm not very good at that.  Postpartum depression is a serious matter I wish wasn't happening to me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Way of Life

Recently a dear family friend of ours passed away.  It reminded me once again how people in your life are placed there for a reason, and you do not see the reason immediately.
Sometimes there are people who come into your life, and wonder why is God allowing them to be in our lives.  All you can do is ask for strength and not be in a hurry, and not let the ill will of others change us into the same thing we hate. We all need to appreciate everyday we have, and enjoy the people we love. 
Our friend lost her best friend and husband of 50 years.  I hope I get that and forever.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Louis Vuitton .....or is it?

It appears I've been had on a used Louis Vuitton. I found it at the local Salvation Army, and even found one on eBay like it. So I posted it, and eBay took the listing down, with no real clear reason.
Guess it's mine now, and if it is a fake, oh well. Lessons learned. But it's a good fake, even if its a little used.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Instant Relatives

I like these kind of instant relatives you find at auction. They are silent and agree with all you say. But they also seem to watch you. That's why ours live in a box until they take a ride to where ever there new home is.

These are popular on eBay for the vintage frames.
They are also a b to package! Thanks to my wonderful Bug for all you do. He is a master box maker.

eBay at Christmas; I May Lose My Mind

Thankfully, eBay is crazy around the holidays. I may be nuts by January or blind from staring at a computer all day long. I sit at work and worry about eBay, I have a back and neck ache, I know what the real meaning of death by 1000 paper cuts means now. In my case it's death by tape gun. They do bite!
I have been a very bad blogger as of late. Too busy all the time. The Pyrex collection is huge. All of it won't fit in the cabinet. But I still want it all. In this area at auction it's going really high, most of the time more than its really worth.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fly home, sweet Roxy

On 11/23/12, we lost the best, most loving Rottweiler in the world, Roxy. She was an amazing dog, and my best girlfriend.
We had to let her go. Time is a cruel master, but she's at God's feet now and suffers no more. She can play with Buster once again.
We'll see you again one day!