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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Squash bugs and borers.....

I hate squash bugs and the only way we have found to kind of get rid of them is to pick off the eggs. Chicken caviar! We are still going organic, and are seeing lots of good bugs or natural predators for the bad.
We're trying out as many flowers as they attract the good guys.
Bug is now ordering his supplies to make a more user friendly worm dirt farm. Now the chicken poop is being composted for worm food.
Our garden is going great so far. We have lots of squash and peas, challenging me to find creative ways to use them!
I also learned how to find squash borers in squash plants. My acorn squash would just turn yellow and die. You have to cut the worm out where there is a grainy looking substance close to the base of the vine and pull out the worm. Then cover up the vine and hopefully it will heal!

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