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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pulling Weeds

This morning as I pulled weeds out of my garden and was cursing the devil grass growing in it, I remembered when I was young pulling weeds out of my Dad's garden and how bad I hated it. It would be the middle of summer, and to me at the time it was like child abuse!
Now it's like therapy to me to be out early in the morning taking care of my own garden, and wondering how long I have with my own child before she is cursing me for ruining her day.

Our nephew is just 12 and is already so lazy it's not even funny.  Video games are not good for a child's well being.

Now that I'm at home, these seemingly menial tasks are now what keeps me going.  There is something about getting outside and getting dirty that is good for my mind.  Pulling weeds reminds me to keep the weeds pulled out of my life and do my best for my family and most of all God.   He gave His life for us that we can live a better life.

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