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Friday, January 13, 2012

Goodwill Store Addict

Yes, I'll admit I've turned into a Goodwill store addict (my other addictions include auctions and yard sales).  I HAD to go on my lunch break yesterday, leaving myself about 2 minutes to eat lunch.   However, it's kind a cold right now, and you don't find a lot of auctions or yard sales.  I've got to get my fix somehow. 

My find this week was a Rising Tide wool purse woven in Nepal, NWT!  It's very odd-will post pics later-hippie chic.   But, I find myself drawn to it in some weird way.  I must have been a hippie in a former life. 

I'm totally loving my i-Phone for checking prices while I'm hunting at any type of sale.  But that's the norm at auctions. It's a wonder the people at auctions aren't stepping on top of eachother from pecking on our i-Phones and not watching where we're going.  Other Goodwill finds:  I found a West Bend Poppery hot air popcorn maker that sold for a nice little chunk on Ebay, a pair of Gap jeans and Lucky jeans that were practically brand new, cool dishes....I hate paying retail for anything!  

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