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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making changes on Ebay sucks! Newest craze...Pyrex

There are days when I hate Ebay.  I think there is a little gnome at the house that goes in my Ebay account and switches things listed around when I'm not there.  Especially shipping changes....ahhhhhhh!!!

You really have to preview your listing, then preview it again, then preview it AGAIN to make sure it's right.  Some days I want to jump and down like a little kid with a bad tantrum. 
The Bug will not be happy with me if I goof on a listing and I will get a tounge lashing.  That felt good to get some of that off my brain. 

In other news, I've come across some really cool blogs on vintage Pyrex here of late.  I think I want to collect it because of this Butterfly pattern casserole.  I overpaid for it, but I'm trying to get in with the local antique lady to consign some of my "too big to ship" items.  It was so pretty! 

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