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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ebay Agnst and other auction woes....

Yesterday was a lovely fall day in the South.  We started the day with a nice cup of Starbucks, and headed to the Mac to check out our Ebay whatnots for the day.   There was a message from a person about a casserole dish, Fire King they had bought from us.  I guess they weren't happy because they thought they were getting a casserole, and they think it's a pie plate. 
There is a big difference between a pie plate and a casserole dish.  I got a dissertation on the subject from said person, over a dish that sold for 5 bucks...and they are going to take the time to go to work and get pictures out of some sort of "catalog" so we can see the difference.  I wish I had that much time to worry about something so silly!  I will never look at a pie plate the same with feeling like I need to throw it.

Rule # 1 on Ebay: Your description had better be dead on-or you will pay with a bad feedback!  Don't get me wrong, I want to describe items as perfectly as I can....but I think I know what a casserole dish looks like!

I didn't let it ruin my day.  We went on to an auction to build up our inventory.  We had our sites set on some Jadeite Fire King.  I overpaid for some things (great).  We found some other cool stuff.  It's always like a treasure hunt/what is it sort of adventure.  We got a pogo stick in a box lot. 

I guess the day was kind of a wash.

We came home to a nice pot roast I started earlier that morning.  We discussed our Ebay woes over a cocktail. Oh well.

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