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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Super Worms-Vermicompost

Worm dirt is a wonderful thing.  We've (mostly Bug) been raising red wrigglers for a few years now.  We started out with an old canoe that lives in our garage and it's now a worm city. Now have an additional pile outside that is a mix of horse manure, because we have SO MANY WORMS.  They eat all of our vegetable and fruit scaps, coffee grounds, coffee filters, paper towels, etc. 
We fill up a container with scraps, then "feed the worms", and they follow the food.  In their wake, they leave their poo (dirt).  You take out the dirt when they've made a circle, then add more bedding, such as leaves, newspaper and so on.  It's the best fertilizer.  I can put a handful of the dirt on houseplants every few months, and water as normal.  The plants LOVE it.  It doesn't smell either.
Worms are amazing little things.  They become a tiller for your plants.  They clean the roots.  They do everything!

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