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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving hangover...

Back to reality boys and girls.  Thanksgiving is always a blur.  You do all that cooking, and it's over in an hour!  We finally got our bar set up Saturday.  It was an auction find-$2000 bar for $700.   We cooked turkey stew and had some friends over. Can't beat that.  It's a nice one, complete with a neon light that says "party".  My Bug loves it.
Yesterday was pretty busy.  We went to two flea markets.  The first one was cool-a lot of fresh produce, chickens, fish, you name it.  I got a big bag of limes for a dollar-which ticks me off because I had just paid one dollar for four of them at the store the day before.  The second was more treasure hunting for stuff to sell on Ebay.  We got some food from a Mexican food truck.  We did that last weekend before an auction we went to.  I guess I feel like I'm actually getting authentic Mexican food that way.  We found some neat hanging baskets, some vintage Tupperware to resell, a neat vintage purse.  Bug is into chamber pots.   Any kind of weird chamber pot.  I don't understand it, but have to admit some of them are pretty trick.

We have our chickens named.  Two of them are called the Wigger Sisters.  They are two bipolar Ameraucana chickens.  One of them finally came around and let me hold her yesterday.  Squatty almost fell asleep in my arms from being pet.  We've found a total of 40 eggs so far.  It's good because I love some eggs!

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