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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our first chicken eggs!

Our 10 hen-e-hens are proud mamas this week to 14 eggs.  We have 6 black sexlinks, 1 red sexlink, and 3 Ameraucanas.  The Amercaunas make a blue/green egg, the others a brown color. 
We had some for breakfast this morning, and they were SOOOO much better than store bought eggs.  We have happy hens! 
My Bug (hubby's nickname) was so happy last night when he found them.  I was in shock, which seems really silly considering that's what chickens do.   We had noticed they acted differently this past week.  As Bug says, they are more "clucky" than usual.  I hadn't had fresh eggs since I was around 10. 

Thanks to my beautiful girls for their wonderful eggs!

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