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Monday, December 5, 2011

And then there were 9

What goes up, must come down.  After the joy I experienced with the Jadeite loot, it came to an abrupt halt when I got home from work. 
Time for the 5:00 cocktail, go outside, see the hennihens.  Stand in the yard and see the lake in all it's grandeur, with my Bug.  Life is wonderful.  Wait, is that a very large owl flying by? Where are the girls?  Oh, they're under a bush against the house.  Whew! 
They come out to see us, but I only see 8.  Still watching the owl, he flys away, but he acts miffed.  Walk to the Indian garden to get some Cilantro.  Come back.  Number 10 comes running from the Garlic bed where she is not supposed to be, and she is NOT HAPPY. 
Where's the other Wigger sister?  So we go out by the Garlic bed.  There is poor little Wigger sister, she was munched by the owl.  So we collected her in a bag, and put her in the freezer.  Neither of us got up the gumption to bury her this weekend.  She had just got to the point where she wanted to be held. 
I have since become very OCD with counting chickens, more so that I usually am.  When you live in a wooded area like we do, I guess you can't watch them all the time.
To add insult in injury, the light bulb went out in the hennihen house.  Proceed to tear apart the hen house to put in a new light bulb.  The hen house is a work in progress in our effort to build the perfect coop.

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