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Monday, December 5, 2011

White Dog-oops....

We had an auction to go to Saturday morning, and as usual I went to get a gallon jug from the top of the fridge to fill up for the day.  Tightwad that I am doesn't like buying bottled water at the auctions.  So I grab a jug-hmmm, it's full??  Whatever, it must have been from a previous auction, so I must go water the plants on the front porch so as to not waste water.
I water two pots, happy, smelling the clean chilly morning air, watering my ivy...wait, what's that smell?  Is it the plant? No, funny smell coming from the jug.  OH CRAP!!!! I just watered my plants with White Dog!
The Bug hadn't told me he put it up fact, he left it out on the counter for a while last night in hopes I would turn up the jug thinking it was "water".  Guess that backfired.
I proceeded to confess, then pour tons of water over the plants.  As of last night, they still looked fine.

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