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Monday, December 19, 2011

I finally held Big Mama

In other news of interest, I finally held our most high strung chicken, Big Mama.  She is an Americauna with too much attitude.  Hence the green eggs.  She is tolerant of petting for a few minutes, but she's coming around.  Especially if you have oatmeal raisin cookies that didn't turn out so good for Christmas I'm going to scream now!
As for Christmas baking this year, I'm not doing so good.  Fudge was a flop again.  I made good batches of peanut brittle and hard candy.  One hard candy I made was very good, I put cayenne peppers in it.  Laugh if you want, it's good stuff. 
The "winter" cilantro we're growing is still making it.  I had someone who grows herbs tell me that it does best when planted in fall, and it will mature in spring, then die back.  It will come back in the fall. So we'll see.  I can't live without cilantro.

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