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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Jadeite Fire King depression is over!

I never knew Jadeite Fire King would cause me so much distress. The last auction we went to I thought we'd hit paydirt-but I wound up paying retail pretty much.  I had a bad feeling that day when we talked to a guy that had been to another auction the day before, it went for nothing, and there were BOXES of it.  We were both sick(no really, total head funk)-hey, what are you going to do?
But, I saw a garage sale on Craigslist, something about 60 years worth of stuff, glassware, yadayada, so my Bug went (did I mention he's the best husband ever), and what did he find in the bottom of a box?  A bunch of Charm  plates, a mug, a lot of Fire King bakeware, an awesome easel for me to do some painting with, shingles, jack stands, A LOT OF STUFF-for $28 bucks. I've got a lot more research to do when I get home.  Ring a ding ding!!!
I'm happy.  I can get out of my Jadeite depression.  I couldn't stand green dishes. I've beaten myself for a couple of weeks over that auction! 

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